Sweden’s leading experts on issues concerning wastewater, stormwater, natural waters and landfill leachate.

Our consultant services include the gathering and spread of information, strategic planning, design and drafting of technical drawings and development of operation and maintenance plans.
Our services focus on environmentally safe, sustainable and cost-effective management of wastewater, stormwater and other polluted water. In addition we compile knowledge and develop techniques for sustainable future wastewater systems.

Our commitments

WRS Uppsala AB has initiated two spin-off companies: “VA-guiden” a platform facilitating the spread of knowledge related to small scale wastewater and stormwater treatment amongst Swedish municipalities as well as for private people and “Mullfilterbolaget” that developed and distributes a small scale facility for greywater treatment. WRS supports “Toaletter utan gränser” (toilets without borders), a charity that provides urine separating sanitation in the third world. We have also co-initiated “Våtmarksguiden”, a knowledge base website aimed to support the restoration or creation of wetlands.