About WRS

WRS is an ecological consultancy firm, founded in its current form in the late 1990s, with solid experience in wastewater, stormwater and landfill leachate management. We can proudly present a wide array of projects with satisfied customers and confirmed environmental benefits. We strive to achieve cost-efficient as well as ecologically sustainable solutions that benefit both our customers and society as a whole. Our involvement in projects stretches from the early phases of analysis and conceptual ideas to the drafting of technical drawings and finally the implementation and operational maintenance of completed facilities.

  •  We possess highly specialised qualifications regarding techniques to reduce wastewater’s environmental impact, such as urine separating sanitation, stormwater management with sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) and nature based water treatment systems such as infiltration beds, constructed marshlands and constructed wetlands.
  • We apply advanced methods for facilitating vegetation establishment, operational maintenance and ecological evaluation of wetlands and ponds.
  • We approach all projects, both new installations as well as upgrades of existing systems, from a strategic wastewater planning perspective.
  • We help the dispersal of wastewater related information and experience to Swedish communities, through our subsidiary “VA-Guiden’.
  • We closely monitor current research and development and follow up our projects in order to enhance our solutions.
  • We are small Uppsala based company but our clients come from all over Sweden and abroad.
  • We have a well-established cooperation with other firms in the sector.